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Don’t hesitate to reach out on Twitter, or send a message using the form.

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Twitter: @HeadsDance

Submissions: currently closed.

We hope to open general subs Fall 2021 (TBD). Check back with us for updates.

General guidelines:


  • Stories should be between 1500-4000 words.
  • Genre is unimportant (unless specified for a particular project), but we want to see some major element of weird or dark fiction (we wanna see horror, dystopian, bizarro, unsettling, eerie, transgressive, gothic, etc.)
  • Submitted work should be original (no reprints). For any accepted work, we ask to hold the rights until publication+120 days. After this period, full rights revert back to the author.
  • We allow simultaneous submissions as long as you withdraw from us should your work be accepted elsewhere.
  • Pay is a token payment of $15 per accepted story paid out upon publication (unless otherwise noted).
  • Multiple submissions are fine. Limit to 2 stories per project. (Note: we will only include one piece per author in any one project.)

Novelettes and Novellas:

  • We’d like to publish shorter works that can be read in one or two sittings.
  • Send us your short story or novelette collections and your novellas. Keep your count in the range of 10k-35k words.
  • We will accept reprints of short stories included in collections as long as the author holds all rights to the work.
  • Not looking for romance or fantasy. We want to publish horror, bizarro, weird speculative fiction, or genre mash-ups.

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